Exam Survival Kit

What's inside?

Handcrafted delights that instantly brighten up your day when the final week of the semester is bearing down on your child! 

You remember it!  You look around, and you see everyone on campus worrying about failing, getting a thousand papers done and barely sleeping. 

During this time life struggle, random acts of kindness, ie. Exam Survival Kits, are a great way to get a break.

Confection Connection Exam Survival Kits are an inexpensive and very productive way to help your loved ones get through this crazy week.  Let us help you put a smile on your student’s face.  We will put some simple items in the kit and then load it up with the best Confection Connection Cookies & Sweets and deliver it right to their door.

don't take ouR word for it...

My daughter was struggling with all her exams, projects and also playing college soccer, so I had an Exam Survival Kit delivered by Confection Connection, and it made her week. A great gift for any student.
Keith C.

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